Brilliant and yet so simple & sensible…

- Dr. Nancy Sudak, American Holistic Medical Association

Most people think they know the answer to weight loss: the holy trinity of diets, exercise and pills or supplements…

Every year, over 50 million Americans put themselves on some sort of diet. You have the no carb diet. The no meat diet. The all-meat diet. The protein diet. The eat nothing but lima beans diet.

Choose any diet you want, because the end game is always the same: you’ll lose some weight, and pile it right back on after the diet ends. In fact recent studies show dieting actually makes you fatter! (But more on that shortly.)

Oh, and then you’ve got fitness products. You can’t escape this one – just switch on your TV or visit your local mall, and prepare to be assaulted by ads screaming about this ab machine, that butt machine, this aerobic workout, that 5-day fat burning routine… the list goes on and on.

Yet the result always plays out the same way too: you hunker down, get disciplined for a few weeks, and burn out when you realize you can’t spend your entire life training like a Roman gladiator.

What about diet pills then? Well if you’re lucky enough to find one that works permanently, you’ll still be faced with a long list of dangerous and potentially fatal side effects.

When you lay all these cards on the table, the uncomfortable truth is something no weight loss guru, fitness coach or even doctor will ever tell you…

Muhammad Ali’s daughter on Jon Gabriel

During my twenties, I yo-yo dieted my way up from 220 to about 280 lbs. When I was approaching my thirtieth birthday, I stepped on a scale and I weighed 335 lbs… I started working with Jon about a month prior to surgery… The Gabriel Code actually treats a lot of the underlying causes that cause people to be obese and cause people to overeat… For me there were a lot of control issues, I think that the Gabriel Code really causes you to be in the place of being… with the Gabriel Code I learned to listen to my voice and my journey… I believe it was Jon’s advice that enabled me to achieve truly phenomenal results. I lost over 178 lbs. I now weigh 156 lbs. [*]

- Kahlia Ali

The weight loss industry is BROKEN!

If it wasn’t, over two thirds of the American population wouldn’t be overweight or obese.

If it wasn’t, 75 million Americans wouldn’t be spending $60 billion of their hard-earned income every year on the latest diet and exercise fads.

If it wasn’t, you’d ALREADY be slim.

When you’ve spent years wandering aimlessly in a sea of band-aid solutions and ineffective weight loss products, I wouldn’t blame you for wondering if anything works – whether there’s really an airtight, scientific solution that anyone can use to lose weight and stay slim.

I’m here to tell you my story. My name is Jon Gabriel. I’ve spent years studying the human body, and in this time I’ve discovered a remarkable truth about weight loss. A truth that no diet expert, fitness coach or doctor will ever tell you.

In the next few moments, I’m going to show you that truth, how I used it to lose a staggering 226 lbs in 2 1/2 years with zero diets, exercise routines, pills or surgery – and how over 350,000 people worldwide have used it to achieve similar results.

Let’s begin with a question:

What if your body is silently programming itself to be fat?

Back in 2001, I weighed over 400 pounds. I was overweight, miserable and perpetually tired. Walking a block left me out of breath. I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror let alone approach a woman in a bar.

I tried diet after ineffective diet – including that famous one everyone was doing a while back (it starts with an A). I tried countless exercise routines. Weight loss pills and supplements. I even contemplated surgery…

And sure, I’d lose a few pounds here and there – but I’d pile them right back on after the diet or exercise routine ended.

I reached my breaking point when I caught myself believing I just deserved to be fat.

That’s when something clicked in me. I realized life was a precious opportunity not to be wasted – and that if other “lucky” people could lose weight, I was going to find the answer for myself. And so I set off on a mission…

I swore I’d uncover the truth about weight loss!

In my younger years I had studied biochemistry at the University of Pennsylvania. Using that as a springboard, I began researching biology, hormones and the mind-body connection. I plowed through twenty or thirty research reports a day, and even dived into meditation, hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming and consciousness research.

But more than anything, I started studying my own body. I stopped seeing it as the enemy. I realized my problem was not my body but my lack of understanding on how to operate it. And because I became a receptive student, my body became a highly effective teacher.

My body told me why it wanted to be fat… and I listened

I learned the real reason our bodies store excess fat. I learned why our bodies trick us into eating food we don’t need. And I began to understand why some people are slim, even if they don’t diet or exercise – and how some people just can’t shake off the extra weight no matter how hard they try.

What’s important to know is this: your body doesn’t want to be fat in order to hurt or punish you. It’s fat because, for some reason, it thinks it’s in your best interest to keep you fat. And if you want to reprogram it to want to be slim…

You have to uncover and eliminate 9 hidden ‘Fat Triggers’ that are sabotaging your weight!

Let me explain how it works. You see there’s a natural genetic program, a setpoint in your body that controls your default body shape. I call it your ‘Weight Code’.

And if you’re overweight, if you just can’t get slim and stay slim no matter how you eat or exercise…

That’s because your Weight Code is being sabotaged by a set of Fat Triggers that are keeping your body fat.

Whoa, hold on a second, what exactly are Fat Triggers?

Fat Triggers are a set of 9 emotional, environmental and lifestyle influences that sabotage your Weight Code, and program your body to cultivate and retain excess weight.

And based on your personal circumstances, you have a unique combination of Fat Triggers influencing your body.

Now here’s the important part: when even one Fat Trigger is activated, it doesn’t matter if you eat healthy or exercise every day – your body would still keep itself fat!

Here’s a complete list of Fat Triggers. Examine each one carefully, and see if you can figure out which are affecting your weight:

Fat Trigger #1: Chronic Dieting

Yes, dieting – that thing everyone does to lose weight – actually makes you fat. And the reason is deceptively simple: when you reduce your normal daily intake of food, your body enters a “famine state”. Research at Melbourne University shows that cutting down calories produces 20 percent more of the appetite-stimulating hormone ghrelin, which forces you to overeat after the diet ends.

And if you’re on the type of diet that restricts you from certain types of food, your body becomes deprived of its natural nutrients and enters a “nutritional famine state”. In this state your body forces you to keep eating until you consume the nutrients your body is starving for.

This is precisely why people who diet don’t lose weight, or end up putting on more weight than before they started! In fact studies at institutions like the Baylor College School of Medicine and the University of California show that up to 95% of people who lose weight through dieting regain the pounds soon after the diet ends! [*]

Fat Trigger #2: Lifestyle Stress

You know stress is unhealthy, but did you know it also makes you fat? Regardless of whether your job or personal life is bombarding you with emotional stress, physical stress, mental stress or subconscious stress, your body reacts to it in the same way: it releases a chemical called cortisol into your body, which makes you gain weight AND stops you from losing weight.

Why does this happen? Thousands of years ago, when we were faced with starvation and extreme weather, the resulting stress would activate this Fat Trigger in our body to keep us alive. Our bodies would then return to their naturally thin state once conditions became favorable.

Today, our bodies have not adapted their reactions to modern-day stimuli – and they fail to switch off this Fat Trigger because they can’t tell the difference between a life-or-death situation or a missed deadline at work.

Fat Trigger #3: Emotional Trauma

If you’re not careful, your thoughts can turn to fat. Self-defeating emotions like powerlessness, insecurity and not being able to say no to people result in stress, which in turn releases the fat-promoting chemical cortisol into your body.

How important is your emotional health? A study by the University of Pittsburgh of over 100,000 women found that those who were optimistic – i.e. in good emotional health – were 14 percent more likely to live longer, and 30 percent less likely to die from heart disease compared to those who were negative.

The truth is simple: emotional trauma makes you gain weight, stop you from losing weight, and could even cost you your life. [*]


Fat Trigger #4: Inadequate Nutrition

This one’s no surprise – a bad diet can give you massive weight problems! More specifically, inadequate nutrition leads to a form of insulin resistance that impairs your digestion and thrusts your body into a nutritional famine. When this happens, your body will tell you to keep eating until you get the nutrients you need.

Insulin resistance causes extreme highs and lows in your blood sugar, which gives you irresistible sugar cravings and hunger pangs sooner and more often than you would get if your blood sugar was stable.

There are three main nutrients lacking in modern diets: protein, Omega-3 fatty acids and live foods. I call these ‘The Big 3‘, and not having enough of them is what switches on this particular Fat Trigger.

Fat Trigger #5: Poor Digestion

What you put in your body is one thing – but how it’s processed is another. Poor digestion makes you under-nourished, dehydrated and lacking in friendly bacteria and digestive enzymes – and it’s all thanks to our modern diet of highly processed and highly cooked foods.

When you eat bad food, that long tube in your body called the digestive tract suffers the consequences. The result is a nutritional famine, which puts your body in fat storage mode, increases your hunger and makes weight loss impossible.

Poor digestion and the resulting nutritional famine don’t just affect your weight – they also severely damage your health. Eating foods that are molecularly altered, pasteurized, preserved, microwaved, burnt or processed wreak havoc on your digestion and lead to diseases like obesity, thyroid problems, diabetes and heart disease.

Fat Trigger #6: Toxicity

Your body is exposed to toxins every day, and this can make you fat. If you live in a city, you’re even more likely to be faced with this Fat Trigger. The majority of harmful toxins come from medication, alcohol, cigarettes, and pesticides found in non-organic produce and manufactured grain products. In other words, many of the things you come into contact with every day.

How does this make you fat? Well when your body can’t eliminate toxins, it stores them in your fat cells. This layer of fat then becomes a buffer between the toxins and your body. And since the fat is protecting your body, your body’s natural reaction is to protect itself by not burning the fat.

This is precisely why many people get sick when they lose weight – because as your fat burns, it releases the toxins into your body.

Fat Trigger #7: Limiting Beliefs

If you’re not at your ideal weight, your beliefs could be the culprit. One of the most common limiting beliefs that can sabotage your weight is having an overweight family member, and believing it’s in your genes to be fat. When you think this way, you’re eliminating personal responsibility and rejecting the possibility of being slim.

Many people don’t believe they can lose weight because they’ve been on diets or exercise routines that don’t work. Some also believe they’re unworthy of being slim and that their excess weight is an expression of how they view themselves.

Your beliefs shape your reality – and if you don’t believe you can lose weight on both a conscious and subconscious level, you won’t.

Fat Trigger #8: Harmful Medication

The medication that’s supposed to protect you may also be making you fat. Studies have shown there are over 50 common medications that cause weight gain, including anti-depressants, insulin, cortisol, steroids, hormone replacement and birth control. Sometimes the effect is so intense, you can gain up to 10 pounds a month. [*]

But how can you avoid taking your medication? Many people find that by making a positive change in their diet and lifestyle, and by adopting specific mind-body practices, they’re able to stop relying on medication with no harmful consequences.

Fat Trigger #9: Sleep Apnea

People say sleeping too much makes you fat, but the opposite can also be true. Sleep apnea is a disorder that causes you to stop breathing as you sleep, sometimes hundreds of times a night, without even realizing it. The result is shallow, interrupted sleep – and weight gain.

Sleep apnea reduces your blood oxygen to dangerously low levels, so your body is starving for oxygen. You then become chronically exhausted, which gives you junk food cravings. It also makes you moreirritable, releases cortisol into your system, and makes you prone to negative emotions – another Fat Trigger.

Lack of sleep also influences the levels of leptin and ghrelin hormones in your body, which control feelings of hunger and fullness. “When you don’t get enough sleep, it drives leptin levels down, which means you don’t feel as satisfied after you eat,” explains Michael Breus, PhD, Director of The Sleep Disorders Center in Atlanta.


The only difference between you and naturally slim people is that their Fat Triggers are switched off, while yours are not

Brilliant and yet so simple & sensible…

- Dr. Nancy Sudak, American Holistic Medical Association

Important Legal Disclosure Of Typical
Results, Testimonials, And Risks

I spent years searching for a way to switch off the Fat Agents in our bodies. And when I finally found the key to doing it… well, that photo on the left is how I look now.

Through a specific Fat Trigger elimination process, I was able to lose – and keep off – a staggering 226 lbs in 2 1/2 years. All with zero diets, grueling exercise routines, pills or surgery.

I’ve traveled the world sharing my message. I’ve explained it to baffled doctors. Taught it at seminars and coaching sessions. I’ve even shared my story on TV, radio and in magazines.

Now, let me show you how to SWITCH OFF your Fat Triggers…

When you examine the above list of Fat Triggers, you’ll realize an important fact: many of them exist in your mind. Like stress. Negative emotions. Damaging beliefs.

The problem with most weight loss ‘solutions’ is they fail to recognize this fact. Instead they teach you to focus solely on diets or exercise, while ignoring ALL the other weight gain culprits.

This makes about as much sense as bandaging up your leg when you have a broken arm!

the truth is :

Start adopting a holistic mind-body approach and keep yourself slim and healthy

When I discovered the truth about Fat Triggers, I created a step-by-step system that perfectly encapsulates this approach. I call it The Gabriel Code – and it’s the single most effective method I know to make your body want to be slim.

People who use The Gabriel Code notice profound changes within a few short weeks. They stop being hungry all the time and they don’t think about food as much. They feel more energetic and enthusiastic. They stop struggling with cravings and crushing self-doubt. Even exercise becomes something to look forward to instead of dread.

The body transformation itself is not instant – healthy weight loss never is – but by changing their relationship with food and their bodies, people who use The Gabriel Code are able to achieve profound, and enjoyable weight loss with no pain or struggle. And that’s precisely how losing weight should be.

“I lost weight”

Every night I would visualize my body exactly the way I wanted to look… I was losing weight. Jon’s method even helped me have another two years of freedom off dialysis.

Lucinda Martin Weight Loss: 48 kg (106 lbs)

Important Legal Disclosure Of Typical
Results, Testimonials, And Risks

“I’m now slimmer than I was when I was a teenager”

I began doing the meditation and activities every night – and just months later I have lost 37 lbs and 20.5 inches…
I feel amazing and it’s all down to you.

Smita Patel Weight Loss: 16 kg (37 lbs)

Important Legal Disclosure Of Typical
Results, Testimonials, And Risks

“It is the best investment in myself I’ve ever made”

It’s not a diet, it’s not a quick fix, it’s not difficult at all… I have found several of your nutritional suggestions to be reasonable and delicious… it is the best investment in myself I’ve ever made.

Jay Vaccaro Weight Loss: 27 kg (60 lbs)

Important Legal Disclosure Of Typical
Results, Testimonials, And Risks

“…so many benefits…”

“I have lost 66 lbs so far. Once the ‘switch’ was turned off, it was a breeze, the first 57 lbs came off in 26 weeks. Incredibly, this has been one of the easiest tasks I have ever completed, yet it has come with so many benefits… The Gabriel Code has changed my life.”

Andrew Ryda Weight Loss: 30 kg (66 lbs)

Important Legal Disclosure Of Typical
Results, Testimonials, And Risks

“I Lost 51 Kilos in About 6 Months”

I lost 113 pounds (51 kilos) in about six months and I’ve kept it off now for over a year. Also my blood sugar levels went from a dangerously high 19 down to 6. I’m now within the normal range.

Nicole Spitaliero Weight Loss: 41 kg (90 lbs)

Important Legal Disclosure Of Typical
Results, Testimonials, And Risks

“I have never been happier…”

I have gone from 271 lbs to 198 lbs. I have found a woman I might be with for the rest of my life. I am living proof of your book’s success. Whoever asks how I lost my weight… I have told them about your book… everyone is amazed and lots of people don’t recognize me!

Blain Vandersteen Weight Loss: 33 kg (73 lbs)

Important Legal Disclosure Of Typical
Results, Testimonials, And Risks

4 ways The Gabriel Code revolutionizes weight loss


Typical diet and exercise programs can help you temporarily burn fat, but 90% of people regain the weight immediately after the program ends. The Gabriel Code reprograms your body on a cellular level to want to be slim – which means when you lose weight, it stays off forever.


When’s the last time you succumbed to a midnight snack craving, or told yourself you don’t deserve to be slim? The battle of the bulge often happens in your head – and The Gabriel Code trains you with powerful daily visualization exercises that eliminate the willpower battles sabotaging your weight.


There are 9 hidden Fat Triggers in your life that make you fat, but most weight loss solutions don’t work for everyone because they only target a specific factor like diet or metabolism. The Gabriel Code is a holistic approach that works for anyone because it systematically eliminates each of these triggers.


Diets and exercise programs aren’t just futile in the long run – they’re also expensive and frustrating. Instead of starving or exhausting you, The Gabriel Code trains you to relax, overcome your emotional baggage, think better thoughts, and eat delicious high vitality food. It’s like a spa retreat for your mind and body.

Now let’s put The Gabriel Code to work on YOUR body…

What makes me jump out of bed every morning is the opportunity to share what I’ve learned with others. In fact I used to be a little shy to admit this… but my big crazy goal is to help 100 million people transform their lives with The Gabriel Code.

Now let me be honest – at the rate I’m going, I’ll be long gone before I can hit that target. There are only so many books I can write. And as for my events and coaching, well let’s face it – not everyone has the means to travel halfway across the world to meet me.

And so earlier this year, I approached Mindvalley, one of the world’s top online publishing companies, to help me get my message out on the internet.

Mindvalley was thrilled at the prospect of promoting enlightened weight loss – so we began collaborating on a special online experience that would replicate a one-on-one coaching plan with me, with the exact same weight loss results. But at a fraction of the cost and hassle.

After months of preparation that project is finally ready, and now I’d like to invite YOU to be a part of…

The Gabriel Code 6 Part Transformation Journey

Switch off your 9 Fat Triggers & switch on the permanently slim you – in just 6 weeks

Available EXCLUSIVELY on this site, The Gabriel Code 6 Part Transformation Journey is a 6-Part online series of intimate weight loss lecture and coaching sessions with me and a limited group of 1,000 participants from across the globe. The journey starts on July 24th 2012: and twice a week for 6 weeks, you’ll join me on a teleseminar call to overcome each of the 9 Fat Triggers using the powerful mind-body approach I call The Gabriel Code.

The weekly sessions are divided into two categories: live lectures and live Q&A sessions. During the lectures I’ll give you insights, tools, immersive visualization exercises and a clear step-by-step action plan to use in your daily life and reprogram your body and mind. The Q&A sessions are where we get more intimate. Here I’ll select one participant as a case study and coach them live during the call, while everyone else follows along. What you’ll get is a similar level of content and results you’d receive at one of my live events.

Alongside the calls, in your online membership area you’ll also get enjoyable daily morning and evening visualizations for getting you relaxed and focused on your weight loss goals. Checklists are also provided each week to help you integrate your learnings into your daily life.

And by the way – I dislike stiff, boring coaching programs as much as you do. So I’ve designed this experience to be as enjoyable, simple and most importantly effective as possible for you. You’ll even get recordings of each session that you can listen to at your leisure, just in case you can’t make it for any of the live sessions.

Here’s what you’ll learn during the 6-Part transformation:

  • WEEK 1

    Up close and personal with your Fat Triggers
    (1x Live Lecture Session & 1x Live Q&A Session)

    Your Fat Triggers get activated when your body thinks it’s protecting you by keeping you fat. Discover the 9 often surprising situations and behaviors that turn these triggers on, and how to get your body helping you lose weight instead of sabotaging you. Your journey starts here.

    Highlights include:
    • The truth about diets and why they’re not just ineffective – they make you fat!
    • The 6-letter ‘S’ word that’s silently switching on each of your 9 Fat Triggers
    • How your brain could be silently programming you to be fat
    • Daily Daytime & Evening Visualization Exercises: Pick from one of 10 Daytime Visualizations & listen to the Evening Visualization
  • WEEK 2

    Has your body lost its ability to burn fat?
    (1x Live Lecture Session & 1x Live Q&A Session)

    Did you know that the larger you get, the less efficient your body becomes at burning calories? If you’ve struggled with your weight for a year or more, there’s a high chance your body’s on a downward spiral towards obesity – and even normal food portions can lead to massive weight gain. In this week you’ll learn how to reverse this process and prepare for the transformation ahead.

    Highlights include:
    • The two known culprits that tamper with your body’s fat burning mechanisms
    • The Blood Sugar Factor: why stabilizing your blood sugar is crucial to your weight loss
    • 3 secret ‘Superfoods’ you should eat every day to keep your body in optimal weight loss mode
    • Daily Daytime & Evening Visualization Exercises: Pick from one of 10 Daytime Visualizations & listen to the Evening Visualization
  • WEEK 3

    Upgrading your digestion and eliminating toxins
    (1x Live Lecture Session & 1x Live Q&A Session)

    Poor digestion and toxins are among the sneakiest causes of weight gain. Poor digestion hinders your body’s absorption of the nutrients that maintain your ideal weight. And toxins – from your environment and food – get stored in your fat by your body in an effort to protect you. Here you’ll discover how to enter optimal weight mode by repairing your digestive system and detoxifying.

    Highlights include:
    • Why your digestive system could be forcing you to overeat – and how to fix it
    • Foods that most people don’t know make you fat: pasteurized milk is one, find out the rest
    • 3 surprisingly easy ways to improve your digestion and banish toxins from your body
    • Daily Daytime & Evening Visualization Exercises: Pick from one of 10 Daytime Visualizations & listen to the Evening Visualization
  • WEEK 4

    How to beat stress & emotional trauma
    (1x Live Lecture Session & 1x Live Q&A Session)

    8 in 10 people with weight problems are also suffering from chronic stress and possible emotional issues. Why? Because your body reacts to stress and emotional trauma by packing on pounds to protect you. During this week you’ll learn how to beat this trigger by releasing the stress, healing your emotions and allowing the weight to melt away on its own.

    Highlights include:
    • How to avoid seemingly harmless situations that release the fat-cultivating chemical Cortisol into your body
    • The Feeling Safe Test: a simple test to discover how intensely stress is sabotaging your weight
    • Two strategies for overcoming Emotional Obesity: a state where your body stays fat to protect itself
    • Daily Daytime & Evening Visualization Exercises: Pick from one of 10 Daytime Visualizations & listen to the Evening Visualization
  • WEEK 5

    How to trick your body to want to be slim
    (1x Live Lecture Session & 1x Live Q&A Session)

    It’s no coincidence that sky-divers, rock climbers and thrill seekers are rarely fat: it’s because their bodies equate being slim and agile with being safe. Fat people’s bodies, on the other hand, believe they’re doing them a favor by keeping them overweight. Here you’ll learn how to make ‘Slim’ your body’s default state by tapping into its primal ability to quickly burn fat instead of retain it.

    Highlights include:
    • The Get Thin or Get Eaten switch: simple steps to activating your body’s natural slimming mechanism
    • 4 weird ways to switch on your body’s natural slimming mechanism (public speaking is one of them)
    • What no fitness guru will ever tell you about exercising to lose weight (hint: it’s never about exhausting yourself)
    • Daily Daytime & Evening Visualization Exercises: Pick from one of 10 Daytime Visualizations & listen to the Evening Visualization
  • WEEK 6

    Awakening your mind’s hidden power to banish fat
    (1x Live Lecture Session & 1x Live Q&A Session)

    In a famous study, a group of maids was divided into two. Group one was shown a poster touting the weight loss benefits of the cleaning profession. Group two was shown nothing. Group one lost weight after one month, group two didn’t. Experiments like these clearly demonstrate the mind’s uncanny ability to help you lose weight – and in this final week you’ll learn how to use visualization and meditation to unlock this power in full.

    Highlights include:
    • The little-known truth about the human mind’s power: what ancient Chinese medicine knows (and Western medicine doesn’t)
    • How to break down the 2 stubborn barriers feeding your mind with negative energy and keeping you fat
    • The SMART Mode: a powerful yet simple mind technique for opening up your internal energy channels
    • Daily Daytime & Evening Visualization Exercises: Pick from one of 10 Daytime Visualizations & listen to the Evening Visualization

The Gabriel Code 6 Part Transformation Journey comes with 6 special features for maximum results:


Stay in a slim state of mind throughout the day with these refreshing Daytime Visualization Exercises. Whether you’re feeling bloated after breakfast or sleepy after lunch, there’s an exercise for every scenario.


Reflect on your day, melt away fat-causing stress, and get yourself in a positive state of mind for tomorrow with this Evening Visualization Exercise. Just set aside a few minutes every day before bedtime, and press play.


Don’t worry: this is NOT a meal plan or diet program! It’s a personal ebook collection of my favorite delicious recipes that will help turn off your Fat Triggers and turn on you and your family’s tastebuds.


Learn to cook some of my most delicious & nutritious recipes. From protein rich snacks to hearty soups to savory dinners, each of these recipes is designed to fill you with fat-vaporizing Omega-3 nutrients.


Every week you’ll get a checklist packed with tools to help you weave your learnings into your daily life. You’ll also get a handy shopping checklist for your groceries, so you can stock up on more fat-burning food.


Busy? Need to skip a few sessions? No problem, you can choose to learn at your own pace. Just listen to the high quality mp3 recordings of each session, which I’ll release 24 hours after each one ends.

Now here’s a promise no other weight loss “expert” would ever dare make you…

Most weight loss programs like to throw numbers in your face, like “Lose 30 pounds in 7 days!” or “Drop two dress sizes in two weeks!” or “Get six packs in a month!”

I believe these claims aren’t just irresponsible – they’re downright dangerous. Because yes – you can do a crash diet or exercise program and lose tons of weight fast…

But how long can you keep torturing yourself? And what happens when that plan ends? You regain the weight, end up back at square one, and severely damage your body and mind in the process. The truth is simple…

There is NO quick fix to healthy, sustainable weight loss!

So my promise to you with this experience is this: you’re NOT going to lose a specific amount of weight by the time you finish the course. In fact in this time you might not lose any significant amount of weight at all!

What WILL happen is I’ll reprogram your body to get and stay slim forever. I’ll train you to adopt lifelong healthy habits that you actually enjoy following. You’ll never again struggle with late-night ice cream cravings, feelings of hopelessness, or the kind of crushing stress that makes you reach for that oversized bag of potato chips.

I’ll transform your body, and make ‘slim’ your default state. Achieving this may take a few weeks or months – and depending on how much weight you want to lose, it could also take years (remember it took me 2 1/2 years to lose 226 lbs!). But what’s important is as long as you stay committed, you’ll find yourself losing weight almost effortlessly. And when you do, you’ll stay slim for the rest of your life.

Online learning. Revolutionized.

The Gabriel Code 6 Part Transformation Journey is delivered to you through the shiny, brand new Mindvalley Academy online membership platform. Take part in your sessions wherever you want, however you want. Get customer support in just one click. Access all the session recordings from one convenient online hub. All through a clean, intuitive interface that makes your learningexperience an absolute pleasure.


You’re free to play or stream the sessions directly from your iPhone, iPad or virtually any other multimedia device.


Download the session recordings straight to your computer or multimedia device with our one-click download technology.


Every audio file is optimized for Apple’s Audiobook format, so you get an elegant experience on your iPhone, iPad or iPod.


No more struggling with multiple membership areas and passwords. The Mindvalley Academy lets you access all our top content in one place, with one universal password.


Got a question? Need technical assistance? Built-in customer support gives you easy access to our friendly Customer Happiness Team.

Who says weight loss is hard?

The real beauty of The Gabriel Code isn’t just in the results it gives you – it’s how easy and enjoyable the journey is. In fact it won’t just change your weight, it’ll change your life.

Think about the sacrifices you need to make when you use conventional weight loss solutions. You drastically cut out carbs or eat only one type of food. You consume expensive and potentially harmful supplements. You exercise to the point of exhaustion.

You spend unnecessary money, waste time you don’t have, and endure endless cycles of frustration and pain… only to lose a few pounds (if you’re lucky) – and pile them right back on in a matter of weeks or months.

Now look at the flip side and picture how your life will be as you go through the 6-Part experience with me. Instead of torturing yourself, you’ll embark on a liberating mission to pamper your mind, body and spirit. On a day-to-day basis, this means…

  • Practicing soothing daytime and evening visualizations to de-stress and overcome your limiting beliefs…
  • Enjoying a wide variety of delicious, high vitality foods
  • Using mind exercises to overcome past traumas and release emotional baggage…
  • And learning how to improve the quality of your thoughts so you can banish negativity and love yourself more.

Think of the 6-Part experience as an extended retreat for your mind and body. Like a massage, it soothes and relaxes you. Like a conversation with your best friend, it gives you waves of clarity and personal epiphanies. And like no other weight loss solution can, it programs your body to melt off fat, and be slim and healthy on autopilot for the rest of your life.

Which means you can be sure, The Gabriel Code is the last weight loss solution you’ll ever need to use.

Banish your fat, not your cash

If you’ve tried diets or exercise plans, you’ll know how expensive they can be. Exercise equipment, personal trainers and gym memberships will cost you thousands of dollars. Diets are also surprisingly costly: according to the US Bureau of Central Statistics, following the Atkins Diet will cost you an extra $100.52 every single week. A Weight Watchers diet would be $96.64. The Jenny Craig diet costs a whopping $137.65 weekly.

And all for what? So you can spend tens of thousands of dollars, lose a few pounds for a month or two, and return to your old weight right after!

If you’re going to spend money on transforming your body, I believe that change should be nothing less than profound – and at a price you can feel good about. That’s exactly what you’re getting with The Gabriel Code 6 Part Transformation Journey.

You’ll be joining an exhilarating 6-part experience where I’ll personally show you exactly how to eliminate your Fat Triggers with The Gabriel Code. The experience and results are identical to personalized coaching with me – except you’re getting it from the comfort of your home at just $169 $69.

Don’t Decide Now…Take All The Time You Need & Try the Gabriel Code Program For A Full 90 Days

If You’re Not Satisfied You Can Get A Full Refund Within 90 Days


The Gabriel Code 6 Part Transformation Program is more than just a set of coaching sessions – it’s a work of art. Mindvalley and I have painstakingly crafted every part of the experience – from the sessions to the recordings in the online membership area – to set a new standard in personal growth programs, so you can enjoy a sublime user experience.


I’ve used the Gabriel Code to lose 226 lbs. Over 350,000 people worldwide have used it to experience similar success. The Gabriel Code 6 Part Transformation Program gives you identical results as one-on-one coaching with me – but from the comfort of your home. Just take part in the sessions, follow the simple steps and advice, and smile as the excess weight starts to melt off in the coming weeks and months.


People who lose weight often say it’s the best thing they’ve ever done for themselves. You’ll get the chance to prove that statement when you start using The Gabriel Code. By committing yourself to these 6 weeks, you’re building the foundation for a lifelong slim and healthy body – and the physical and emotional benefits that come with it.

We honor our words with action. If for any reason The Gabriel Code 6 Part Transformation Program doesn’t live up to any of these three promises, just drop us an email at for a prompt and courteous refund within 90 days after starting your program.

Live a bigger life. In a slimmer body.

If you’ve never taken action to lose weight… I wonder how much longer you’re willing to keep your slim, ideal body out of reach – as you struggle with the daily woes, the hazards, the embarrassment of excess weight.

And if you’ve tried doing something about it… I wonder how much longer you’re going to either starve, harm, exhaust and disappoint yourself with diets, exercise routines and other obsolete weight loss methods – all to lose a few temporary pounds.

You owe it to yourself, your family and your friends to enjoy life, eat what you like, exercise moderately instead of torturously… and be slim and healthy.

You deserve a healthy, energetic body that feels good and lets you live to the fullest – without worrying about weight-related health problems…

A sexy body that looks good and gives you the freedom to wear anything you want – even that daring outfit in the back of your closet…

And a body that gives you unbreakable confidence – whether you’re looking in the mirror, hanging out with friends or family, sunbathing on the beach or chatting up somebody at your neighborhood bar.

Now remember…

Can weight lost be pleasant and make you happy?

If you’re ready to lose weight the healthy and natural way – then The Gabriel Code is the answer you’ve been searching for.

Using it to switch off my Fat Triggers has completely transformed my body and my life. It’s helped over 350,000 people worldwide get slim and stay slim. And it’s been studied and endorsed by many of the world’s top doctors, scientists and nutritionists.

And when you join the The Gabriel Code 6 Part Transformation Program, you’re giving me the green light to put it to work on your body too.

But remember, this isn’t a quick fix. You’ll need to stay committed. You’ll need to stay hungry for weight loss. And the results won’t be instant – but when you do start losing weight in the weeks and months that follow, your body will make sure that weight STAYS off. With no resistance. No relapses. No more yo-yo dieting, or torturous exercise.

Taking this journey with me could be the single best thing you ever do for your body and your life. So book your spot now, and let’s get started.

RESULTS & HEALTH DISCLAIMER: Please understand that the results of Jon Gabriel and his students are not typical, and your results, if any, will vary and there is always the possibility you will not get the results you are looking for. The Gabriel Code is not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any disease or illness. This information is intended for educational purposes only, not as medical advice. Always check with your doctor before changing your diet, eating, or health program.

The Journey begins Today

If I could accept everyone, I’d do it in a heartbeat. But there are two reasons I need to limit access to this program:

  • I want to get intimate with you. I want to connect with every participant, and give you an experience as close as possible to a real-life coaching session with me. This won’t be possible if we have tens of thousands on the line.
  • I want you to have a smooth and reliable experience. If thousands of people accessed my page at the same time, my server might slow down or crash, leaving you unable to tune in to the sessions.

Order now and secure your spot!

Book your spot now and get:

  • Full access to the entire 6 week journey, consisting of one Lecture and one Coaching session per week
  • 12 high-quality mp3 audio visualization sessions:
    1 evening visualization and 11 daytime visualizations.
  • The official Gabriel Code Recipe eBook, digitally packed with 287 pages of nutritious recipes and food ideas
  • 7 videos featuring step-by-step cooking lessons for Jon’s favorite recipes
  • Weekly wellness checklists & a shopping checklist
  • High quality recordings of each Coaching & Lecture session for easy reference

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Profound results

Unlike typical weight loss programs, The Gabriel Code 6 Part Transformation Program is designed to help you lose weight and keep it off – without the struggles and relapses of dieting and exercise plans. Just follow the 6-Part program, and you’ll notice your body and mind change on autopilot.

A world-class authority

Jon Gabriel is a respected pioneer in the weight loss field. His remarkable system, which he used to lose a staggering 226 lbs in 2 1/2 years, has been used by over 350,000 people worldwide – and it’s earned him the respect of leading doctors and nutritionists. You’ll learn that system in its entirety during the 6-Part experience.

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Designed for busy people

Don’t worry about having to reschedule your career or your life. The Gabriel Code 6 Part Transformation Program features live sessions at preset times – but for your convenience it also comes with audio recordings for each session. Just follow the sessions at your own pace, stay committed, and the results will follow.

Yes, I’d like to join the Gabriel Code Body Transformation Program!

RESULTS & HEALTH DISCLAIMER: Please understand that the results of Jon Gabriel and his students are not typical, and your results, if any, will vary and there is always the possibility you will not get the results you are looking for. The Gabriel Code is not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any disease or illness. This information is intended for educational purposes only, not as medical advice. Always check with your doctor before changing your diet, eating, or health program.